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Summer Interview Series: Wake Owl

The last weekend of summer has come and gone, and here is our very last of our summer interview series! We decided to pick an artist who is playing his first headlining show in Vancouver this week at The Media Club with Jordan Klassen opening up; its Wake Owl.

Wake Owl have been busy playing the festival circuit, touring a little bit, and making lovely music this summer. We had a nice early morning conversation while Colyn was out in Penticton supporting the Jezabels for a few shows, and here is how that went:

VMR: What story are you telling with your music? Does “Wild Country” have a story? I’m guessing its not about Vancouver based on the title…

W.O.: I guess its really just five songs that were a group that songs that came to me in a smilar time of my life and kind of represented a certain state I was in and things I had to go to. Wild Country just came from like… liking the aesthetic of that and also because I just have this kind of idealism of being out of the city because I did a lot of farming and so I still have trouble being int eh city sometimes. I guess it was just kind of representing my own musical process of wanting to get back to the nature. The songs themselves are not a bout nature they are about my relationshipw ith people and things.

VMR: Can you tell me a little bit about the farming?

W.O: All over the place. Ive done farming in England, Chile, and BC. I studied farming after highschool. I defnitely see myself in the future having a little farm out of the city.

VMR: How did the sessions at Folk Fest challenge you as an artist?

W.O.: It was like a dream come true for me to play there, it was amazing. It was a really ideal year in terms of lineup, weather, all these things were perfect. On top of that we had to do a session with Dan Mangan and Mark Berube. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t feel challenged, I just felt lucky to be sharing the stage with those guys and play those songs. There was such a good turn out, because of Dan probably. It was an ideal and unique experience for me for sure.

It defintiely shifted and expanded my idea of playing live music and I’ve done a lot of experience playing bars and clubs… I definitely like the festival outdoor setting the most. It relates to my kind of preference to playing music as well. Folk Fest was definitely exactly kind of what I neeed right now in my career.

VMR: You’re a fairly new artist on the scene, can you tell me about the origins of the band? I saw Ivory Sky last year around this time then now Wake Owl?

W.O.: I was writing a lot of stuff in Ivory Sky but I didn’t really feel like it was my place. We all took a beak and I started recording an EP and bringing a bigger sound into the mix, it turned into big. Now I’m writing a ton for the fall, after the Media Club show we’re going to do a few shows but its going to be quiet in the winter to write a full legth. It will probably be out in less than a year. Mid 2013?

VMR: Is this your first headlining show coming up?

W.O.: This wasn’t part of the plan, but it seemed like a response from Vancouver people that wanted to see another show so I kind of respnoded to that. Jordan Klassen and I have hung out, had a few beers, so we just decided to play a show together.

VMR: Besides being an artist, what are your passions? 

W.O.: I defintiely have passions outside of music but defintiely within the past 2 years I’ve been kind of in the prsuit of those passions. I’ve been focused on music and it takes up a lot of time. I definitely feel pretty tired of many things and i think it all feeds back to music. For sure I wouldn’t say that farming and music relate directly…

Tickets for the show at The Media Club on Thursday, Sept 20th are on sale at Live Nation or Red Cat or Zulu Records. $12, doors at 8PM show at 9:30.

Wild Country is available to listen and download at Wake Owl’s Bandcamp page.

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