Interview Series #4: VMR + The Pack A.D. @ The Rickshaw

We’ve been meeting with local musicians around the city and finding out some of the fun and interesting things that are happening. You can expect some exciting new music coming out in 2012, and we’ll have the stories and conversations to go with it! This is the fourth in our series: The Pack AD! Here’s what they had to say when we met up with them before their show at the Rickshaw in January.

The Pack AD

Char: What constantly comes up in our conversations about your band is the fact that you are tour all the time. You are never here. So what are the highs and lows of touring?

Maya: Well the high point is you dont ever have to feel like you have to worry about real life so much. That’s not such a bad thing.

Becky: Ya. The high points are the hour you play the show, if it’s a good show and the rest of it is just a lot of waiting around, and sitting, and waiting, and driving, and siiting…

Maya: Sometimes you read a book.

Becky: Sometimes you just sit there and space out for a while.

Maya: I think I just miss the consistency of my own bed and not having to be somewhere and do something. That is rough. I like to not have to do things. I am kind of lazy. I don’t know if we are the best suited to the amount of touring we do given how lazy we are.

Becky: But we do it anyway.

Char: What’s the best part about coming home?

Becky: Bed!

Maya: Bed! I also like to watch DVD’s over and over again.

Becky: I like coming back to all my things. I hate living out of a suitcase for so long…it smells and is dirty and packed into a tiny bag

Maya: I wanna burn my clothes when I come back.

Char: And what’s with France? Why do you go there all the time?

Becky: Because it’s great.

Maya: France is great, and for whatever reason, we don’t really understand how it happened, France really like us. We have great shows in France. We have a French record label. We are going to record two of our new songs in French.

Char: What songs?

Maya: Sirens and Seasick. They want to put out a 7 inch because apparently if we put out Seasick in French we will be kings of France.

Becky: Except maybe the chorus in English because apparently Mal de mere doesn’t sound very good in French.

Maya: We are going there, I think, twice a year until they get sick of us.

Char: Do you speak french? 

Maya: I’m working on it. For Christmas my dad gave me a French workbook…I’m working on my French. [Becky’s] French is better than mine but I try all the time.

Becky: I normally say just that I don’t…

Maya: I try because at a show people will accept you trying. They want you to try.

Char: So how did the band form?

Maya: We were in another band that we made with two other friends. We drank a lot and the band didn’t really go anywhere, well we weren’t really intending for it to go anywhere.

Becky: Well, they all (all two of them) decided they didn’t want to put up with me anymore, and I asked Maya if she still wanted to be in a band, and she said “yeah I’ll watch your back”.

Maya: For whatever reason we kept going. We started practicing on the side and it just seemed kinda natural to keep going. Its a really boring story. We need something supernatural, like a power or a tragedy.

Jess: So what power would you have?

Becky: Umm. Teleportation. That would be useful!

Char: That would be really useful for touring.

Becky: It would be so good! I wouldn’t have to move at all. I would just touch all of the gear and [Maya] and we would…poof… Or if I didn’t feel like walking somewhere I could just poof right over there. I would probably get really fat actually.

Maya: I want penguin power, I don’t really know penguin power means but I want it.

Char: What would your dream tour lineup be if you were headlining? Anyone can open for you anywhere in the world.

Becky: Anyone? Dead or Alive?

Char: Sure.  

Maya: I wouldn’t have them open, but I would say Kate Bush. I would love to open for Kate Bush.

Becky: I would just love to see her because she never tours

Maya: I actually would be pretty stoked about the Pretenders as well.

Char: How would you categorize your music? 

Becky: I don’t know…It’s kind of a this and that. Garage, rock’n’roll, punk with the blues. It used to be easy. You used to be able to say rock’n’roll  but now it’s avant-garde doom metal.

Maya: I wish we were avant-garde doom metal!

Becky: We have never played in a garage so how can we call ourselves a garage band

Maya: No ones played in a garage since the 60s!

Becky: We have played in offices. We are office rock!

Char: You guys used to have a lot more blues influence. 

Becky: It’s still there.

Maya: It’s still there in our show more than in some of our recent albums.

Becky: The blues is behind every single rock song in some way, so it’s still there. I guess it’s not as much 12 bar ‘singin the blues’. Not that we were ever really like that anyway.

Maya: HAHA. You were like that!

Becky: Ya, we had some really cheesy blues songs.

Maya: “All Damn Day Long” was a crowning point in my writing career.

Char: What’s on high rotation on our Ipod right now?

Maya: In high rotation for me is a band from Seattle called Watch it Sparkle. They are awesome. Also Wild Flag, and I have been revisiting the 1984 soundtrack which was done by the Eurythmics and the Eurythmics album Touch.

 Editorial Note: This interview was transcribed as accurately as possible. It may have been shortened to save space, but everything is in the spirit of our interview with The Pack AD.


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